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Rob Percival, instructor

Project Assignments: Don Smallidge

Resurrection In Progress

Topics, lecture numbers covering the topic, lecture(s) with instructions about the coding assignment and link to the finished assignment.
Topic Lectures Assignment(s) Project Link Status
HTML 8-37 33 William Bolcom posted
CSS 38-73 65-69 BBC News UK posted
JavaScript 74-106 83,91,98-100 Reaction Tester Game posted
jQuery 107-138 124-125,136-137 Form, Our Code Player posted
Twitter Bootstrap 139-157 154-156 Make a Wish! posted
WordPress 158-166 164 Purple Area 51 posted
PHP 167-189 184-187 Contact, Weather unavailable
MySQL 190-209 205-206 The Maine Diary unavailable
APIs 210-221 214,219 Postcode Finder, Latest Tweets posted
Mobile Apps 222-231 228-229   started
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Using HTML <table> tag (for now)

Note: A lot of the links are no longer "live" in 2022; over time I will try to decide what is still relevant.

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