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Articles and Images Related to Bernie Sanders

Here are some articles and videos about Bernie Sanders (particularly his campaign for the Presidency of the United States) and other candidates. There is a constant increase in the number of articles. I was surprised by how many articles I bookmarked since I first became interested in his candidacy (and now there are so many I just can't keep up). This is certainly not a complete list, but it will give you a flavor for the man and for his positions on the issues. For your convenience (and mine), I have also gathered links to the web sites of all the other major candidates in the race. Also you will find links to sites related to earlier presidential campaigns, current political ads and current news about the campaign. Enjoy.

The links are a combination of statements or videos with Bernie discussing his views and commentators describing his views or comparing them to other candidates. Also included are articles about the other candidates, the state of the economy or healthcare or political fundraising, etc. Here is my first attempt to group them into categories (including placeholders for articles I have read but not placed on this page yet); this will give me a way to fill out the list and make it easier to read articles pertinent to the topic of interest. Keeping this list current will be impossible, but as and when I can find the time, I will have a place to organize what I find and deem worthy to share. There is a lot of overlap, so I will probably put links in multiple categories eventually. For now I just want to get the ball rolling!

Just recently I became aware of a web page that compares the candidates to each other [which was the original impetus for making this page]. The Washington Post has a terrific page that allows you to compare any two candidates (including Hillary and Bernie); I think this is an excellent way to begin to make up your mind who you want support in November. The issues pages of the candidates is a better place to make such a determination, but I have found that the time it takes to visit the sites and find what to compare makes it unlikely that you will spend that much time. Just keeping up with the daily stories and videos consumes so much time that there isn't any time left over to update this web page!

Note: This is just a small selection from what seems like nearly a hundred links to articles and videos that I bookmarked on my computer as I reviewed the news each morning since early last year.