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How and why did I decide to support Bernie Sanders?

Here is a picture taken by my wife on Election Day 2015 (just beginning to "feel the Bern").

proudly sporting a Bernie Sanders for President tee shirt

I'm a little bit outside my comfort zone to be involved in the Bernie Sanders campaign, but I was brought to this involvement by the appeal of his message on social and economic fairness (on the one hand), and by the obscene abuse of wealth that hurts the lives of the poor and the middle class (on the other hand).

I have no problem with people earning a lot of money, but I object to this money being used to increase wealth at the expense of lowering wages (and salaries), to avoid paying taxes and to buy elections (and the media and the politicians). It's not as if this hasn't ever happened before. But we can do better.

So now, instead of just griping about this with family and friends, I am meeting with people who share my outrage and my hopes for a better political climate in America and who have decided to do something about it. Some of us are and have been activists for some time. Some are (like me) venturing out of our caves for the first time. Bernie is the most successful independent politician of our time; he got that way by listening to people and by building coalitions of people who were willing to fight back and stand up for themselves against big money and entrenched power. Won't you join us?

What's New?

Working on Spring MVC as time allows (sharing my time with the Bernie Sanders for President movement and keeping legacy systems alive). I am finding Spring to be a lot of fun, but also quite a challenge (especially the development environment)! I would like to say that I have much better luck with the material from Richard Chesterwood and John Purcell using Spring 3 than I am having with the newer courses I am taking (STS notwithstanding) using Spring 4. Finally have an actual assignment and colleagues to help work through the issues. Very refreshing to work with younger people with good energy and a willingness to share their skills.

Bootstrapping the Site

Started to upgrade the style of my web site (about 2 years ago, it always takes longer than you think) to use Bootstrap, a great tool from Twitter. I have not made a lot of progress because there are so many other priorities that come first: decided to keep working and defer retirement a while longer.