Election Results - 2017

Mayoral Debate at Thomas College on October 24th 2017

Over the past few weeks I have been researching the candidates for the upcoming election for mayor of Waterville. All three candidates were gracious enough to provide me with ample time to get a sense of their agendas and personal style. I urge you to form your own opinion by reading about the interviews, checking out the links I have provided to their online footprints, and most importantly: I urge you to watch the candidate debate* [on YouTube] that was held at Thomas College on Tuesday, 26 October 2017 to help you make an informed vote on November 7th!

*Introduction starts at 3:40 minutes; opening statements at 6:25 minutes, closing statements at 1:13:10 from the start. I highly recommend that you also read Amy Calder's articles (below).

Don Smallidge

Nick Isgro is running for reelection to a second term as Mayor of Waterville because he wants to carry forward the progress he has overseen for the past three years, building on past groundwork for the revitalization of downtown Waterville. He considers himself more "hands on" than previous mayors and puts in long hours for the job.

Nick Isgro


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John Levesque is running for election to a first term as Mayor of Waterville as an independent because he wants to change the tone of political debate in Waterville away from contentious, ideological and "unwavering along political lines" to a more collaborative tone. He wants to inspire people to work together so that we can all benefit from the effort. He believes that teamwork, not partisanship, is the answer to facing our challenges.

John Levesque

Medical Professional

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Erik Thomas is running for election to a first term as Mayor of Waterville because he's "passionate about Waterville and see[s] a bright future ahead for our fair city." He believes that we are in a challenging time, but "there is nothing we cannot accomplish together".

Erik Thomas

Local Entrepreneur

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The candidates each wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Waterville Morning Sentinel making their case to be Mayor of Waterville, shared here in alphabetical order.

The following links collect news and resources about the 2017 election for Mayor of Waterville and other pertinent and relevant matters.

Many thanks to 'maridlcrmn' and Dustin Lamont for their snippet (posted on Bootsnipp) for the inspiration of this format.